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Eating in good company

“Eating in good company” is the name of a simple and nice guide, that aims to guide us in pairing with Jerez Wines and Manzanilla of Sanlucar. It has a fantastic design and all contents and texts are presented clearly and concisely. We think it would be OK to have a look and go for tapas (snacks) with newly learned theory.

You can download here.


Horse Racing


Widely known, it´s considered as International Tourism Festival.

If we add to the beauty of seeing a show riding the singularity of the context in which it develops (Sanlucar de Barrameda Beaches), the result is spectacular… The scene where horses racing run is made up by the seashore, the green horizon of Doñana Park, and the Promenade.

They are a great sportive event, not only because major racing stables and riders compete in, but also by the amount of the prizes donated by businesses, organizations and institutions in the area.

The beach becomes an improvised racetrack that draws thousands of people, that makes this singular tradition a show not to be missed.

They are held every year during the month of August, and they are divided into two cycles of three days each. They always start at dusk, and taking advantage of the low tide, making forum for everyone who wants to enjoy the show. Are you going to miss it?